Electra Mustaine

Pop artist & songwriter, Electra, is a rising musical talent known best for her witty songs, charming attitude, and unique upbringing. California native, now making a name for herself around the world, made her first debut in Rolling Stone at just 18 years old. Electra discovered and developed her sound in pop music while collaborating with hit songwriters and producers such as Lost Boy, Nathan Chapman, and Blair Daly, all of which are well known for hits with artists such as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Flo Rida, and more. Being the daughter of heavy metal god, Dave Mustaine, founder of Grammy-award winning band Megadeth, she is certainly no stranger to the public eye. Electra currently resides in Nashville, where her and her family members each independently form and build creative businesses stemming from the entertainment industry. While Electra builds her catalog, she equally devotes her attention to building her own brand as a public figure.

Electra has been performing since she was a child – from musical theatre to television where she co-hosted a national TV show on Animal Planet for several years. She connects with her audience which has grown through social media both in the U.S. and internationally. Recently making appearances on SiriusXM, Fox, NASCAR, and at the CMA music awards, she prepares for her next global release. Electra is currently signed with WME booking agency, IMG models, and managed by CTK’s Danny Nozell.